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Saturday, July 12, 2014

I'm Just Going to Hit Publish... Part 3

I really haven't felt like blogging lately. I just want to post things so you can see them without me spending the time to write all about the projects. So...

Here's a lady I drew then transferred to my art journal for painting... Sorry for the glare!

I think I'll tone down the eye makeup next time!
I don't know why I just want to draw faces in my journal. I don't know about that journaling with awesome backgrounds and words only...

I'm Just Going to Hit Publish... Part 2

I really haven't felt like blogging lately. I just want to post things so you can see them without me spending the time to write all about the projects. So...

Washi tape border!

When I was working on a card a couple of weeks ago for a challenge at The Outlawz, I tried using my colored pencils on kraft and really liked it. I still haven't finished that card, but I did go back to the kraft+pencil combo again. I made this card for a friend a couple of days ago. The lady is from Rubbernecker and was one of the fabulous stamps I got from Cole. Thanks again, Cole!!

I'm Just Going to Hit Publish... Part 1

I really haven't felt like blogging lately. I just want to post things so you can see them without me spending the time to write all about the projects. So...

Here are some cards I made for my father recently.

This is the card I made my dad for Father's Day. The man is a Cricut cut I got from my boyfriend's mom, and the sentiment is by Avery Elle.
I must have lowered the resolution on my phone's camera again. Anyway, this card was to congratulate my father on his recent 2nd retirement! The stamps were in a free set I got in a Unity order.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

If Only...

If only criminals would use their evil minds for good we would probably have a cure for AIDS, cancer, and Alzheimer's Disease... Someone somehow got my check card number last week and enjoyed $400 worth of something from Walmart. They tried to get over $100 in gas as well, but the bank declined that. I'm still waiting for the bank to put my money back into my account... UGH!!!

Anyway, in honor of the dumb crook, I drew a burglar type and made an art journal page for the Sketch Challenge at The Outlawz last week.

Yes, that says, "Thanks for the hassle, buttmunch."

Here's the sketch, but you can only use it for a few more hours to enter for a prize from this month's sponsor, The Stamping Chef:

Friday, June 20, 2014

Missed One!

So, as soon as I hit publish on the last post, I remembered that there was another journal page before that one. Wanna know a secret? It has an afro too! I was feeling a serious urge to paint one night and was thinking about my mom, so I made myself a page.  You'd think I would have learned from this page about letting paint dry. Clearly I'll need to work on that as I go forward... wanna know another secret? The art journal page I finished today has an afro too!!

There's Another Afro Coming!

Something about Aunt Hope actually leaving a comment on my blog rather than sending me a text made me feel like I probably should post something! :D  Is it strange that I've been happy since this afternoon because they finally released an Android update for the S3 and I was able to get awesomely cool emoji on the Google Keyboard?? (Don't judge me for being nerdy...)  My godmother was texting me after my mom died, and I was severely disturbed that she had all these great emoji and I had NONE! Just smiley faces. I did all sorts of reading and ended up with a couple more, but not enough to make me use the Google Keyboard instead of Swype. I think I might just type with Swype then switch to Google to add cute pictures when I'm actually in the mood to do so...

Was that enough nerdspeak for you??? :D Cool... I just decided that I should just post projects as they occurred, so you'll probably see some Father's Day cards next week or so. I'm jumping back to the beginning of June for this project. ***GRRR... my internet died for, like, the seventh time today. I'll just keep typing and hope that the connection comes back so that Google can save this post. Now I don't feel like typing anymore. SOOOOO... here's another, yes another, big haired lovely from my art journal. **Are you frustrated enough to lose your common sense? can Trina upload a picture to Blogger with no internet?? Shame...

Yes, her cheeks are mighty pink, but it's an art journal page! :D

Here's a collage to show how the page went from a little sketch in my sketchbook to this colorful page:

I have to get some patience so I can let my paint layers dry. I kept pulling up the paint...

Be well out there!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I Was Thinking About You...

I'm writing this post early so I don't forget to do it. I really thought it was Tuesday, but it's only Monday! (It'll be at least Wednesday before you get to read this...) Right now, I'm suffering with my awesome sinuses again. I took medicine yesterday after days of nonsense, and now I'm stuck with a pain from that sinus space above the teeth. It's like a toothache; it hurts when I chew or open my mouth to get in a decent sized bite of food... :(  I know, whine, whine, complain, complain...

Anyway, here's my card for the Wednesday Sketch Challenge at The Outlawz using an image from this month's prize sponsor, The Stamping Chef:

Fighter digi stamp from The Stamping Chef (stamp and ribbon colored with Copic markers),  paper by MAMBI, Teresa Collins Blingage
Here's the sketch if you'd like to come play along:

Remember, we have prizes!!!

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